This is the food that put Cincinnati on the nation's culinary map! Our menu features all of Cincinnati's classic chili parlor favorites: 3, 4 and 5-Ways, Cheese Coneys and Double Decker sandwiches. Plus, our unique Cincinnati-style Burritos & Burrito Bowls, a delicious line of fresh, made to order salads and our 100% real premium ice cream shakes.

Order Like A Bengals Fan

We have our own language for ordering the subtle variations of our hometown favorites. Shout out a few of these phrases and you'll be able to impress a fifth generation Eastsider.

  • For 3-Ways…

    • "Inverted" – Cheese on the bottom, chili in the middle, and spaghetti on the top
    • "Make it sloppy" – An extra amount of chili; up to the rim of your plate
    • "Firehouse it!" – Add our very hot and tasty roasted red pepper hot sauce and 5-pepper spice blend.
    • "Make it dry" – A little light on the chili, please.
  • For Cheese Coneys

    • "3 CC, Mo, No O" – Translation: Three cheese coneys, mustard, no onions.
    • "Phony Coney" – A cheese coney, sans hot dog; bun, mustard, onions, chili, cheese aka the "Chili Pup"
  • Extra Credit…

    • "Cracker Bomb" – Poke a hole in an oyster cracker; fill it with Gold Star brand hot sauce
    • "Dessert" – One more cheese coney for the road.
  • Eat It Like A Native

    There is a protocol for properly eating Cincinnati-style chili. Ignore it and you'll immediately identify yourself as an un-initiated out-of-towner. Here are a few tips to blend in:

    • A "Way" is eaten front to back.
    • Orient your plate length-wise, perpendicular to your body before taking your first bite.
    • Cut, don't twirl your spaghetti. You're in Cincinnati, not Sicily!
    • Cut. Scoop. Savor. Repeat.
    • Refuse a bib – The precise, seasoned chili eater would never waste a delicious drop of the stuff on his/her shirt/blouse.
    • One hand only to eat a cheese coney; always leaving the other hand free to signal the server to bring you another.
    • Cleanse your palette with an oyster cracker after every bite.

Gold Star Quality Food Partners

This is Cincinnati, so we have served up cheese coneys, 3-ways and double deckers for every imaginable kind of event; from formal to corporate to causal; from weddings to company picnics to fraternity tailgates, and everything in-between. You live in Cincinnati, so let Gold Star help you party that way!

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